Our Firm

We embrace the work needed to identify opportunities and accelerate growth.

The Capital Partners Advisory Team has reviewed approximately 100 investment opportunities over the past five years including: commercial real estate, commercial loans and mortgages, private equity and venture capital.


Assuming the “lead role”, NEFA is involved with all aspects of the program, from the initial development of the investment to implementation and servicing. NEFA is the primary point of contact for all investors.

Eddie Abraham is President and Chief Executive Officer of EPA Enterprises, Inc., a marketing and real estate holding company. Mr. Abraham has built multiple companies from the ground up, managed in excess of 250 employees and sold his companies at their peak. The most notable sale was his company known as Liquid Fence, a manufacturer and distributer of animal repellents and garden products to United Industries.

Dave Chant of Davis R Chant Realtors provides support on all real estate transactions. With over 48 years of commercial real estate experience, Dave’s insight is unparalleled.

Attorney Jeff Durney provides the legal due diligence review for all potential and ongoing investments. Mr. Durney concentrates his practice on real estate law, corporate matters and municipal law.

RLB Accountants provide the financial due diligence review for all potential investments. In addition, all accounting and financial operations are handled directly by RLB once the investment is established.

KKB provides an unannounced annual independent financial and accounting audit of each investment. These audits serve as the required SEC reviews of your investment dollars.